How do we solve the money issues?


Well this post is about Borrowing Money. Did you know borrowing money is the easy part but paying it off usually becomes an issue. So why then take the trouble to borrow.

Recently I have had a dinner with Abang Abu and yeah you know times are kind of bad and he has been forking out almost 10K for expenses and losses. And at this time also it was also time to collect money from people who took a loan from him.

Through out the conversation he highlighted this strange issue with our community. When it comes to borrowing they will give you this and that reason and they will tell you how they will pay you back but when it comes to paying back, my goodness, its like you really need to be “Credit Chaser” or “Loan Shark” because most of them, in fact 70% of the people cannot pay back.

So you guys out there who is just like Abang Abu, how do you deal with this problem?