Lessons to learn from ScreenBox


I had the opportunity to meet Sujimy to develop his blog. So last Friday, we had a meeting to teach him to update the blog- Sujimy.com.

How often does one goes to other people’s office right. So the moment I stepped into that office.. You will definitely notice a kind of water fountain there and huje map close to the entrance.

Had to wait for the BOSS to come in as I was slighly early. So I was served with coffee by one of the staff. So nice of them.

So once he arrived, we set up our laptops and the lesson started in the meeting room. 

Sujimy also gave me a quick tour of the office after our meeting and explain why he had articles, a big map infront of their door.. So watch this video now..

Now I feel so small.. haha.. I need a big map like that too! Haha…

The editing room and restricted access to the server room. 🙂

The second floor