Meeting with Warees


Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet Syamsul ( IT Head ) from Warees Investments. We were discussing a MUIS project ( Still confidential ) and so at the same time to discuss possible collaboration on technologies and advertising.

Did you know Warees is the company that installed the LCD Panels at Mosques or "Mediaware"? What LCD? You know the TV panels that displays what’s happening at mosques and once a while there will be advertisements in it. Its found in almost most of the Satellite mosques.

So I’m looking at the possibilities of advertising there and also provide the teaser contents for mosques events. Basicly what we wish to achieve is to bring Advertising to the next level and fully utilizing the internet, offline methods and so on.

Hopefully this will also spark content developers and advertising agency to be aware of the potential the Mediaware Technology

At the same time, for our own advertisers, we can recommend them this platform so to allow them to receive more mileage and insyallah it will be money well spent on advertising.

I’m the kind who is always looking at WIN WIN situations and so I believe this is one of them.