Malaysia – Decisions..

Fadzulimarket forces

This is really shocking news and it could affect 200plus Petrol kiosks in Malaysia. It affects us too!!

Taking effect this Friday, overseas vehicles cannot fill up petrol at the nearby petrol kiosks nearby JB or the borders of the northern states close to Thailand. We need to travel at least 30km to 50km from the border to fill up. 30km is really like the Causeway to Tampines..I calculated k everytime I come from JB. So yeah that far and that’s like worth $8 – $15 of petrol – depending on the car you drive.

This happens because as Malaysia had started to give away petrol incentives to their citizens. They didn’t want to give this away to foreigners.

Somehow I think there should be alternatives to doing this.

Here’s what I suggest.
1) Why not just keep the price the same but whenever a Malaysian comes to pump, they could show their identity card to allow them to get the discount.

2) Or come out with an electronic payment system that does not involve use of cash. Only Malaysians can use this card to buy petrol ( they have to top up though ).

They did mention that this will only be temporary. Haizz its just like the case of the $20 ringgit which they wanted to implement..We’ll see how long this policies will stand.

This the reality of Market Forces, which we cannot control…Hey whatever the odds are we should be prepared and take on the challenges that we faced k. So now let’s put some good suggestions that can help to improve on the situation.

As entrepreneurs we need to look for solutions to the problems and not just complain. So if you have any ideas feel free to drop comments.