The subsconcious mind…


Do you brush your teeth clean everyday?

This may sound very weird to you but what this got to do with the subconcious mind. Well you know sometimes ideas kind of evolve in the Bathroom when the warm heated water strikes your head and somehow you started thinking.

I have a habit of brushing my teeth and staying under the shower. I do it both at the same time. And yes when you start brushing your teeth and when these ideas comes right, you will realise that you while you are thinking of those fantastic ideas, your hands are still moving the brush.

This is where we kind of tap our SUB CONCIOUS mind. You know how to brush your teeth anyway and your hands are actually not controlled by you anymore. And when you do this, your focus is on the ideas no more on brushing but somehow because of that you end up brushing more. Like I said you are not controlling your hands anymore. It kind of move on its own and the more you brush your teeth gets cleaner right.. This is when the subconcious somehow knows what to do and it just moves while you are thinking of something else.

I don’t know about you, personally I don’t have a regime in brushing. Regime meaning you have a standard way of like brush the lower teeth first then upper teeth. I believe most of us just do it lah. Does it matter where we start as long as all the parts are brushed it should be clean right.

So yeah moral of the story when are you brushing, start day dreaming or brainstorming. You end up brushing more and you get a cleaner teeth!! haha..

Ok back to the subconcious mind.

Basicly its a mind programming thingy, where its like embedded and install in you. You no longer need to control it, you just initiate this and it goes autopilot. 

If you drive, you would have experience this before. When you are learning to drive, it was always hard to control the clutch and find which step is the brake or the gas but after a while you get familiarise with it and sooner or later you don’t even need to watch the steps anymore. Many times on the road, I would kind of think of something else but still my hands and legs are controlling the car or bike. I know this is not a good thing cos you are not focus. What I’m trying to say that this happens to everyone. 

This happens not just to driving, riding a bike, even typing on this keyboard. So what exactly happens? Have you ever thought what really happens? 

I believe someone out there would have theorised these concepts. I’m not a professor or anything so I cant go into details these Brain and Mind functions. All i know such a thing can be done with practise. 

With enough practise and education, the mind will itself be programmed to perform such action on AUTOPILOT.

That is how habits are being picked up. Habits are the result of the ideas programmed to your subconcious mind.

What’s your view on this or have you thought about it?