When you meet clients like this..

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Recently I’ve met someone who asks me to come to their office and provide them a proposal for the company’s site. 

For the first time ever. The Boss said,” Do what you think is best and don’t worry about the money”.

How often do you get such clients eh? 

I gave myself 10 days to come out with something and insyallah it will be done and the price will be reasonaly huge too..

Interestingly we also talked about business opportunitues and I’ve kind of kind of got an opportunity to ask how he’s life was. In business for over 30 years. Have seen the ups and downs of businesses. Had manage to make his million mark once but later faltered due to the Business Failure. So he end up selling all his business and had to start from the ground again.

And the great thing about our conversations is that we can CLICK because we spoke the same language. The ENtrepreneur Language. 

What exactly is an ENtrepreneur Language? 

Its the kind of language where your mind is clear that we do this for so and so reasons. Not just monetary. The legacies that we want to leave and the assets that we want to develop and so on and so on. 

Be a Landlord or the Servant

Furthermore he touched on these very simple concepts. Before the Industrial Age, there was no such thing as a Middle Class group. You are either the BOSS, THE LANDLORD or you are the SERVANT, WORKER.

The Landlord creates the path and the place for the servant to work hence he reaps the results from the servant’s work.

99% of wealth comes from Business. Also 99% of problems also comes from Business.

This was what he shared with me. With all that potential wealth also comes the heavy responsibilities and problems. Believe it or not, this theory is so true. If it was so easy to become a Millionaire than there must be something wrong. Seriously. Every single success also comes with its challenges to be overcome.

Hence he said,”You must Love Stress and You must Love to solve Problems to be an Entrepreneur”…

Hence I’m not scaring you here but I want everyone who reads this to be mentally ready.

Let them hit you hard but YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD.