Social Media Engagement: Sharing Your Journey

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I’ve been observing this pattern and trend lately on Facebook and Twitter that “Sharing Your Journey” attracts and helps to grow Facebook/Twitter Profiles and Facebook Pages very consistently. Furthermore by doing so you are also entertaining your ¬†audiences and building trust at the same time.

Here’s a simple exercise that you can start with.

1) Be clear of your Goals. 

Example. Getting to know 100 friends in 100 days.

Your activities will include

  • Your journey of Finding friends that you know and could be referred to
  • Your Conversations with them to know them better
  • Sharing with others your thoughts about what you have learn in your conversations. ( Share positive ideas only )

2) Making Your First $100 on Affiliate Marketing.

  • The journey of learning the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Making your first dollar
  • Sharing the steps you took to make that $100.

Also through these sharing you will grow more ideas, receive feedback and learn about the market trends.

Looking forward to your sharings.

Third batch of Facebook Action Series Class will start soon in September. Register Here Now.