Are you GAME to save more Money?

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Sometimes it is a privilege to be so close to my mentor, Abang Abu because he always have this crazy ideas in his head. Even though its crazy but its for a Good Cause..


The next project he is embarking on is called the “Simpan Challenge“. As Ramadhan is getting closer and Hari Raya will be next, we would usually see a lot of spending and a lot of wastage too.

So as a Financial Motivator, Abang Abu came out with this challenge especially during these period to get people to be aware that they do not have to spend so much or they could actually save much more than they THINK.

So the Goal for this program is to SAVE $1,000 for the first month. Does it sound impossible?

“$1,000.. Aku nak makan apa seh lepas tu?”.. Perhaps you might have this thought comes across you.

When you think its impossible it is impossible but if you think its possible it is possible. Its all in the mind and we need to learn to open it up.

What if I’m earning less than $1,000 per month?

Well you will be surprise with some techniques, you can earn much more than that. Be a money magnet…

So how to get on this program?

Visit this link.

and all the best to having much more SAVINGS.