Blogging a Passive Income Source?

Fadzuliblogging, Ideas, Internet Business I was sharing with my new students on this topic. Can we get PASSIVE INCOME from Blogging? Personally I dont feel its passive income at all. It actually falls under “ACTIVE INCOME” as you see you need to write from day to day to attract traffic and build trust with people, drop comments here and there and so on.

But it can turn to be a PASSIVE INCOME model when you reach a certain level but this does not apply to personal blogging because for personal blogging, people want to read what you write not others.

So how do we turn this blog into a passive income machine?

Take the next step into niche / specialise blogging topics -> Go into an areas / topics where you can expect thousands or millions of readers that want to read or get such information. This is where your research comes in.

So by this time you need to hire freelancers or if you have tons of money hire a full time staff to write the articles for you. Then you can hire a marketing specialists to do your advertising jobs online and offline to get consistent traffic to your site.

OK so yah in order to reach that level, you do need some form of capital to pay wages to people and your blog needs to start generating tons of money. This will actually allow you to be free from those roles mention above and so by then you can “GOYANG KAKI”. Is it easy? Well its not that easy but it can be done. It has been done and I’ve seen many blogs reaaching that level already. Take baby steps!!

If you understand what I’ve been writing, in order to have PASSIVE INCOME, your need to turn your blog into a BUSINESS else it will be ACTIVE INCOME..