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What many people do not understand is that they think they have a good advertisement, people will come to their website and buy whatever they are selling..

Well maybe for the short time but not long term. That is why maybe you are running that Multiply or Facebook e-shop and suddenly you realise one day nobody is knocking on your multiply/facebook shop anymore to buy that product you have.

What happened?

We have to study the psychology of the human mind. In this case, because you have been advertising in and out, you never realise that you are not adding value to your clients or potential client lives. Rather you are just selling them something. People do get sick of this from time to time.

People need to be fueled with great information and TRIGGERED to get them going..

What really attracts people is your content. Without great content you are just like the other 90% of the people online who will not be making money on a continuous basis.

So how do you begin creating great contents?

Well this is what I teach during my course. This technique can be used before you write that article, before you record that audio and before you create that video.

And because you need to create at least 6 articles or audio or video series to run a campaign, you need to sort this ideas out first.

Are you familiar with the Mind Map?


1) It begins with the Main Topic…

Say you are selling a Super Juice.. So write down that SUPER JUICE at the center of your paper.

2) Then begin asking yourself questions

Use the FIVE Ws – Who What Where When Why and ONE H – How

Questions like:

Who would buy this product?

Answers can range from:
– A Father who has health problems.
– A Mother who is pregnant
– An elderly who has diabetics

Keep asking yourself those questions and start to draw the bubbles and expand those ideas.

Another example.

Where does the product come from?

Answers can lead to new answers

-> It is from Punjabi -> Ingredients from 5 continents. America , Africa, Asia and so on -> Grown in humid and cold temperatures. and so on

Try the above techniques.. You will realize that hey there are a lot of things to say about our product/service.

3) Now once you have the ideas, sort them out in order

In running that campaign the flow of ideas are equally important. What do I mean by that.

Say today you are introducing me this Great Jambu product.

So what are you going to tell me tomorrow? Well perhaps you can tell me its origins.

Then the next day you tell, how this product can help a diabetic to reduce their pains, etc.

The following day you tell me that this product can be used not just to humans but also to your pets if they have stomach problems. Wah that will expand your market slightly.. 🙂

I believe you understand what I mean here right.. Sort them out.

You dont want all your ideas out in one shot. Spread them out and let your clients have this feeling that you are not just selling that wonderful product but you are also educating them on it.

Take them on a journey….

4) Once the contents are ready, its time for distribution

Be it in facebook, email or in your own blog. Get these articles out there so that people can read. Best to have it at targeted positions where you will find the clients that you wish to attract.

Here’s how one of the students have already applied the techniques and getting half her class filled…

She’s into the make up classes and she’s trying to get her class filled and hence she posted this article out.


Article by Nana San

Make Up Techniques for different types of eyes

I think a BIG mistake many women make when applying eyeshadow is not blending. Blending is the key here, no matter what eye shape you have. So as to get rid of the harsh lines made especially if you apply more than 1 colour of shadows.

Also, you need to look at your eye shape to add definition to your eyes. Here are some examples.

Single/Monolid Eyes
Usually one who has this type of eyes seems to have smaller set of eyes. The keypoint here is to make your eyes look rounder and hence, eyes will appear bigger at the same time. Line your eyes thicker immediately above and below your iris. To give your eyes more depth, use the darkest shade close to your eyelash line and merge or blend this into lighter shades of color graduating up near to your eyebrow.

Wide Set
Aim is to reduce the space between the inner corners of your eyes. This is the only eye shape where you want to use darker colors on the inner corners of your eyes and line your upper and lower lid near your tear duct.

Close Set
Do the complete opposite as you would to Wide Set eyes. Instead of darker colors on the inner corners, apply it on the outer corners of your eyes. While putting highlighter on the inner corners to make the space wider.

To know whether you have Wide or Close Set Eyes, the rule of thumb is if the space between the inner corners of your eyes is wider than the width of one eye, you have Wide Set Eyes, if the space is smaller, it will be Close Set Eyes.

To learn more about the make up techniques on the different types of eyes, please click here.


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