Facebook Marketing Tips: Viral Contents

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Peace be upon you,

I would like to share a simple strategy that could take your contents viral. But first let’s understand what do we mean by being viral.

VIRAL comes from the word VIRUS. A virus as we know is a medical term for a disease or drug that is able to spread easily such as the normal COLD and FLU. It’s behaviour works as such that it is able to multiply from the place where it is hosted. From one bacteria its spreads to two and more.

In Facebook it may look something very similar, however being viral is subjective and depends on the audience you have created. A content posted on Channel A may have more Likes and Shares than the similar content posted on Channel B. Because we have to understand that not everything works the same. However there is always exceptions as Channel B can slowly conditioned and tune its audience to like such contents and get it to be virally shared.


Basicly I am in the Islamic Niche and my audience that comes to read my wall posts are mostly Muslims. As humans we like to be reminded of to do certain actions. In this case we like to be reminded to perform our zikr.


A posting like this although look simple, but it has significant meaning to a Muslim. Hence its likely to be shared among them. And as you can see it generated 748 Likes and 157 shares.

And because of this our FB page also grew by 1,000  more followers.


Now how do you know a content can go viral. Honestly there are a few measures such as Psychological triggers and such but don’t be surprised that the silliest content and the non most interesting content can also go viral.

So the best way to know is to observe and study other people’s posting and see if there it goes viral. Can you replicate them and make it even more interesting?

At the same time, let’s not lose focus. Are you creating or replicating viral content to grow your friends / subscribers or are you just doing it for fun? Although we don’t have to be serious all the time, so have fun while doing this yah!

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