If you want to get more business stop tagging me.


I posted this on facebook note earlier.. I though it would be good to publish her too, so that more people would read it..


From the Facebook Note.

I think we should start a policy, you want to see your advertisements on my wall, please Pay $XXX amount of money. Just getting too many irrelevant posts on my wall.

I made these mistakes too in the past and almost get sued. So before you do this again, think twice. Please learn from my lessons.

Why is this so? Imagine your Facebook wall like your house.. Do you like it if someone throws an orange or an apple into your house without permission? Imagine that one day your house is just full of that oranges and apples that you don’t even want to consume.

If you are going to continuously SPAM or tag people’s wall, I am afraid that you are just going to end up equivalent to a SPAMMER. People will get sick of what you are doing eventually. And this will slowly erode your Business Big Time.

It will be worse if people like me starts to write on my WALL telling others that “YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST THIS PERSON THIS PERSON”. By tomorrow your business will be gone and nobody will buy from you. Why? Because we have more influence that you. That’s just that.

Trust me it has happen before, and it can happen to you.. It may not be me, but it can some other people whom you just pissed.

So let me share with you how to do it correctly, read below. Its a slower process but it builds your business credibility BIG TIME.

Tips to get more business for yourself on Facebook or other Social Medias.
1) Know the person that you want to tag on a Personal Level
2) Request permission.
– Instead of tagging, ask the person if he/she can help you write some blurb on the wall
– Yes I would do that if you ask nicely. I’ve done it for my friends who asked permission and I don’t mind doing it for others.
4) If you truly are in business seriously, prepare to pay commissions when requested if you want continuous featured blurbs.
5) If your price is right, I will get my blogger friends to write for you too.
– instead of seeing your article in one wall, you will see it on many more Credible Walls.

People take months and years to build their networks and contacts. Please RESPECT that.

Let’s not make anyone angry this Ramadan yah.. Before you tag me, think ten times.

The truth hurts….

PS: I have removed the contacts that have been spamming my wall for the last few days. If you are emotionally struck by this note, please remove me from your friends list. Thanks yah.