Optimising an Opportunity

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As the days passed, many new opportunities are brewing. Its really time to grab them and optimise it. 

What exactly am I saying by optimising an opportunity?

You see opportunities does not come to us all the time and if we don’t fully take advantage of it, it will pass us by very fast and end up we don’t really gain anything.

For example.

Given the opportunity to speak at an event. Furthermore its free. So what can we do to promote what we do.

Besides giving the knowledge they are there for that event. Develop a way to mention your activities in the talk. Develop a way to mention names and develop a way to gain trust among the audience.

Even though I do Internet Marketing and engage my audiences online. Do you think I don’t do offline marketing also? In fact you can and you should. Treat any promotion like as though you run a business. We need to have online and offline mechanisms to promote whatever we do.

So here’s to outline a process.

-> Identify the Opportunity
-> Think about Online & Offline promotion
-> Always learn to develop leads in anyway. At least collect names, email and mobile no.
-> Find a way to build trust among the audience.
-> This is important.. Developed a CLOSING technique. If you don’t close there’s no sales.
-> Develop a referral mechanism too. 
-> Develop a follow up mechanism.

So you see an opportunity if unoptimised will be wasted. So have some thoughts about it and when you see any opportunity have all these points in mind.

You guys should read Seth Godin’s post yesterday about “The Panhandler’s Secret”. He gives a very vivid description of how indirect marketing works. Because it develops TRUST. Even though its for a mere few seconds but that is enough to develop that TRUST. Because of that the percentage of buying is so much higher. 


FFA – $0

Great things that Fadzuli did

1) Been developing a MILLIONAIRE’s BLOG for the last few days. Still a secret. Cannot tell you WHO right now. Must wait till April when we launch it.
2) Update like over 10 events (I think) @ Islamicevents.sg
3) Gave advise to a sister who had some problems with her business.
4) Made appointment with my writer.
5) Negotiated a better deal to settle some late payments.   
6) Spotted an opportunity. Immediatly called Fadzrun to get to the Distributor.
7) Meeting @ Chambers opened up new window of IDEAS.. I hope it can be materialize. 

It is those small successes that leads to bigger ones. Write it down, write it down. Treat this as a reflection and commit to the cause.