Promote more than One Way…


One of the topics that Dr Irfan highlights in latest book states that you need more than one way of promoting your service/product. One is not good enough..

Why? Well promotions are daily tasks and it can be expensive too. Expensive not in terms of monetery but also in terms of TIME. TIME = MONEY yah. So let’s study how my Millionaire Mentor Dr Irfan Khairi does his promotions to get the word out on a daily basis.

Promotion facilities..

1) Blog @
2) Features in News, Magazines
3) I believe he became a show host in Radio 24
4) His books are also a way of promotion.
5) Monthly/Weekly emails.

and many more….

Why Blogging? Well blogging for sure is not a passive source of income but it helps to create interaction and buzz. Keep your clients updated and develop momentum. Well Internet Marketeers like me use our Blogs to full potential with Autoresponders and so on.

Getting Featured in News, Magazines & Radio is not that hard if you think of it because this you must learn. The media needs news to SURVIVE. So if your business have new launches, new ideas to implement. Why don’t you consider writing an article and submit to the press. That is why in NOWASIA we do work closely with Berita Harian and friends from Warna. From time to time, if we think we have new STUFF we will share with the Press and insyallah they will take it up and feature it. Note that it must be NEW & Original.

Monthly/Weekly Emails/SMS. 
With technology you do not need to send letters anymore. We have emails and SMS to get people updated of what’s coming up. Do you use these services?

So you see. There’s a lot of things that can be done to promote your business. It boils down to HOW to do it and HOW creative you want to be and is it EFFECTIVE.

You must also understand your situation and you need to know what can work for you too. So ask these questions before you begin promoting.

1) Where are you now in your business?
2) Do you have money for advertisements?
3) Do you have the networks that can help you?
4) Can the nature of your business use this form of publicity?
5) Do you have the knowledge to get it done?
6) How can this be done on a constant basis?


By the way if you happen to drop by MPH or any major bookstore in Malaysia, I recommend that you pick up Dr Irfan’s book. There’s tons of tips in there.