We Change anything in a HEART BEAT



I would like to recall this incident where Tony was demonstrating state changes to the audience of 5000 people in the Expo.

He asked for anyone who is currently feeling depressed. A few people stood up, however he only chose one of them..

So the first few questions revolved around, “Why are you Depressed? “.. So he asked the lady, “Can you show me how you are when you are depressed”.. In that few moments, the lady explained why she was depressed and showed remorse because of the situation that she was in..

Then Tony asked another question.. “Have you had an orgasm before?”. Yes he asked that question infront of 5000 people.. At that moment the lady’s reactions changed and even the crowd was surprised.

So the point he is getting at is that,


In that short moment you can already feel different. That includes the audiences. That may sound like a crazy question to ask but it totally change the state that we are in..┬áThat’s how powerful positive thinking is too.

So if you are in mids of depression, look for ways to change your state. Think of happy thoughts.. Ask yourself questions like how Tony did…

In my case..

Today my laptop hardrive was fried due to a power surge in my laptop. Gone are 6 months of data of work. I told that to my friend yesterday and she said, “Wah relax jer You?”..

I think its really based on how you manage your emotions. If you let yourself depressed all the time, then it would only lead to more problems. So I told myself, well its time to get a new Laptop or just changed the hard drive.. So I made the idea of hunting and finding that new laptop a great thing! And let’s have fun doing this..

So if you feeling moody, think of something great to change that! Always remember you can always change your state in a HeartBeat!