2012 and Mission to Millions in 2013




In a few hours we will say goodbye to 2012 and welcome a brand new year in the Gregorian Calendar.

We are what we are now because of the past…

Let us reflect on this year failures and achievements.

Though this year in personal life, I have quite a few set backs but all that were hard life lessons that Allah wants me to learn. And I believe if you had went through such set backs, don’t give up. This world is just a test and a bridge for us to cross it. All the obstacles and challenges given are lessons to make us stronger and keep us in check with our faith Him. May Allah swt guide us all. And so I will end those negative set backs here.

Great things had happened?

1) Among the many highlights of this year, is the launch of the Facebook Prayer Time Viral App on Islamicevents.sg. For the first time we were getting and growing 25 – 1000 leads a day on Auto Pilot.

2) Experiencing Consistent Sales and an admin system. Before this I was handling most of the online orders on the back end for Islamicevents.sg, but slowly we’ve been building a back end system to make orders easy to handle by our admins. We have systematically implement a dispatching system to ensure items are to be delivered one week to 2 weeks upon order.

3) Working with TJ Hussain.  You will not be able to see magnificient photos like above if it were not for him.

4) Partnership for “Change Your Words Change Your Profits” workshop with Sis Suria Mohd.

5) Establishing contacts with Malaysian Expo organisers.

6) Bussorah Training Room. Perhaps this was the main highlight for Fadzuli.com. Given the opportunity to take up a space at this popular area. Now we have a permanent space for training.

7) Launching the Facebook Action Series Course – We’ve manage to get 3 batches of students for this course. It’s just a pleasure to serve small numbers of students and yet see success among them.

8) And upon requests, I have decided to create a FREE guide on Successful Email Marketing – A 7 series report. And the first report will be released this 1st of January.

So what’s up for 2013?

The Mantra for this year is “Mission to Millions”.

Mission to Millions is not just about  earning Millions but I would like to focus on the Millions of things that needs to be done.

Among them are Millions of Prayers, Millions of Gratitude, Millions of Forgiveness, Millions of Actions, Serving Millions of People, Solving Millions of Problems and insyallah Millions of Rewards.

It seems that as we age in the business world, it is a joy to bring great results to people and solving the day to day problems.  So my hopes in this year is to have the opportunity to serve 1,000 more people offline and 1,000,000 people online. May Allah swt permit us to do so. Insyallah.

1) Starting with the New Site Design and list of courses up to early February 2013. Do check them out at the main page. And you’ll be invited to the Facebook pages soon too.

2) Consultations will be free from now onwards and open to all. Every Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays from 11am to 5pm.  Arrange for appointments. @ 9452 0491

3) Series of Seminars and Projects still in planning.

Let’s start the year with a big smile and have a great year ahead.

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