A Prayer for a Prayer

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Picture found shared on Facebook of Nazreen Mohamed Rahim

This revolves the theory of “What goes around comes around”. It means that whatever we do good or bad will eventually comes back to us.

Have you ever asked why Dr Fadzilah Kamsah asked us to practise the above so that the doors of rezeki opens up?

For the non Malay readers, here’s the translation from the image above:

Give the gift of Al Fateha to both your parents (alive or dead) every morning, and insyallah Allah swt will open the doors of rezeki to you.

So if you look at the Universal Laws ( Allah’s Laws ) of “What goes around comes around”, the above practise is very practical. Cos its starts with us. Often we asked for people to pray for us but we forget that we also need to pray for them too.

It begins with us, start the chain of positive energy and based of what I know and learned, a parents prayer for a child is often accepted. So use this opportunity to pray for our parents daily and insyallah they will in turn ask Allah to help you too.