Ideas are Expensive.. Mentors ideas are priceless

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Ideas are expensive, however ideas from Experts or Experienced Mentors are priceless..

After sitting in two WOW Dinners organised by Suria Mohd , you will realize how ideas can flow and within such a short period of time you can see how 5 figure business ideas, 6 figure business and 7 business figure business ideas can be shared.

In the first WOW Dinner at Nabim’s cafe, we witness how a young girl just 18 years old can be earning $10,000 a month from her work and you know what she’s flying all over the world.. Just by listening to her talk, you know how her Blueprints are like. She’s not in the millions but billions.. Follow this kid closely… We also witness how a 2 year old business manage to reach a quarter million dollar in business even in last year’s recession and they are in the Print Business ( very competitive area ). The second dinner was more amazing as we had people who already earn more than $50,000 a month present.

When you have such people coming in and sharing you will realise that you are sitting on a super huge gold mine not dugged. The potential that casual dinner generated was just enormous. If we were to just calculate and if we were to work together on the ideas that we suggested, I personally think we will breed a few millionaires by the end of the year.


Do not be afraid of upsells.. Let me share with you a tip about getting to the quality list, how you can differentiate the paying and non paying clients.

When we go for seminars, they often sell their programs worth $1000 or more. So when you go for those seminars they will upsell you further to $10,000 packages and keeps going and going. By then you will feel that you are being sucked in to all these promises but then you are not moving. Is that really true?

What makes you not to move is YOU! Its not them and its not the course. In fact the more expensive the course,  the better it is because you learn learnable life skills which are even more priceless. Personally what’s more important is that the people you are around with.. Imagine the Joint Venture Deals that can be made and Business Transactions that can occur.

This may sound very elitist but it is the way it is.

Birds a feather Flock Together

Because the more expensive the course, you will realize the peers around you are also the high net worth people. Imagine if they can pay for a $13,000 course, what is their networth then? Do you know? Well usually their net worth are around 10-20 times from the price of that course. So do you want to be around such people or those who just wants cheap stuff?  How then can you elevate yourself from where you are right now?

Hence if you want to get to that quality list, start charging and start filtering the ones who are not committed and filter away the Free Loaders.

And if you want to be with the higher networth people, start Paying.

There will be a third round of the WOW dinner..

If you want to be Super Charged and get ideas to turn your business into 6 figures or 7 Figures, do sit in with Sis Suria Mohd in this casual dinner.

Monday, January 25, 2010

6:30pm – 11:30pm

Marhaba Restaurant, Bussorah Street

Limited to only 12 seats! ( So Hot, 4 snapped up already!)

Price: $55 per pax.. It going to be $185 in February

Register now before place is taken up!

PS: Use this opportunity to prick Suria’s brains.. Its worth that $55..