The Tissue Seller


Look around you and you will be able to learn many lessons from it.

People often talked about sales, I want more business, I want more money but how often do we do what we say compared to what we preach.

Well I am guilty of some of it, however with better consistency these days, sales are going great. Alhamdulillah.

I like to share with you yesterday during Dinner with these wonderful Sisters – Harasha, Zawiah & Siti Nor.

During dinner at Kg Glam Cafe last evening, there is this Tissue seller that goes around asking people if they would want tissues.

He was always around and he keeps coming back. Yes sometimes it can be super irritating. But that’s not the point of the story.

Harasha shared with us that a few years back when her cafe – Samar was still around, this man was there trying to sell tissues to them. Till this day, he is still around.

Now there are many lessons here that I want to share with you about this person:

Honestly I am not surprised if this man with simple clothing and wearing slippers would have a Bungalow or on the way to getting it.

Just do the maths, if he consistently do this its just a matter of time, he would get there.

1) Consistency

He is super consistent. He moves on to the next person whenever someone says NO and he doesn’t have any problems when people say NO. He just moves on. And he will come back again.

To be a good sales person, you need to be consistent in offering your services. Not many people like to do this. But if you want to run a business, you have to go out there offering it to people and of course ethically too.

He understood Positioning

Knowing that this place will be crowded in the evenings, he comes here to offer the tissues.

He asked more people

Now does Kg Glam Cafe sell tissues? Of course they do. But why do people still buy from this Tissue seller?

The secret: He asked! If you don’t go around asking, you won’t know if someone needs it or not. Back to the topic of consistency… All he had to do is ask more people.

Looking at this model, i kind of figured out how the cashier counter at Kg Glam Cafe can achieve 1% more sales. 🙂

Like Mc Donalds, the front line staff are trained to ask people – Do you want to Upsize. Perhaps the cashier at Kg Glam Cafe can ask each of their customers – Do you want Tissue?

Think about it.


He knows that People need tissues

Especially us guys, we hardly carry them right? Hehe we are the victims. 🙂


He has one single Question offered to many

He had only one question that is “You want tissue?”. It was a simple question yet clear. Immediately people know what he was offering.

Compared that to some of our sales pitches. I say I myself have to fine tune my taglines and the first sentences in elevator speeches.


Ok That’s it for now. We can always learn from anybody… Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments.