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The last few weeks have been quite happening eh. Well besides the upcoming Words That Kill Workshop, we have just ended another event with 200 in attendance @ the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar. It was awesome…

But first allow me to share with you what happened since last Friday.

Last Friday.. we had the second “Weekly Traffic Action” session with three participants.. See picture below.

From Left – Bro Ansar, Bro Kamal & Sister Zubaidah

Bro Ansar is running a car polishing business – Sparks & Posh with 3 other partners and wanted to know how to use Social Media to further take his business to the next level.

Zue & Kamal is running a Debt Consultation business and wanted to know how to use the Internet to consistently get results. She’s in her second session that day.

In this session, what we did was, we look into the current activities that they are doing and just did one or two more thing. Although I suggests a lot of things I came out with some actions plans for them to do.

Bro Ansar – Get Site Up & Offer Up. Prepare for Press Release for the New Product Offer.
Zue & Kamal – Scheduled out their activities in the calendar.

These are simple action plans towards improving your business each week. To join us refer to this link for details.


Blogging Workshop

Yesterday is also the start of a new batch for the Blogging Workshop. In fact I have not done this workshop for the last 3 years… The last was done in 2008 I think. However it was just a quick revision for me and sharing with the participants.

From left, Bro Daniel Hewitt, Sis Siti Noraini & Sis Zubaidah


Do you want to see what they have done?

Bro Daniel Hewitt >> The Creative World of Idah Khan

Sis Siti Noraini >> Delicious Cakes & Breads

Sis Zubaidah >> The Debt Consultant

Well its just the beginning of the blog journey. There will be a second session for them this coming Saturday.


Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar

What did you miss? Well.. 4 speakers sharing content packed information about Facebook Marketing..

Pictures by HM Nor Angguns

From left: Abang Abu, Myself, Noor Mohammed & Suria Mohd

A lot of sharing was done…

Myself – The Facebook Profil and how to utilize them.
Noor Muhammad – The Fan Page, Events page and more..
Abang Abu – THE GET RICH FORMULA… And the basic requirements
Suria Mohd – The 5 Secrets to FB Success.

More pics.

Will update the sharing soon.

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