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While holidaying in Malaysia, I picked up magazine SOLUSI and happen to stumble on Dr Fadzilah’s Kamsah article where he was given a ride on his friends car. In the car, there was this sticker that stated this Man’s goal to become a Millionaire and also become a pious person at the same time by December 2004.┬áToday this man is a Multimillionaire and one of the most generous people Dr had ever met.

So this will be my desktop image until end of 2013. Let’s do this and manifest it out. Insyallah.

We don’t know how it will turn out, but the feeling is really strong in 2013. Let’s go all out.


Lesson: How to state your Goals.

1) State your intentions Clearly.

2) Set a firm dateline.

3) Place this where you can see it everyday. Make it part of your doa and zikr everyday.

Yes that’s it.

Read the goals daily to re-affirm yourself when you are down or when you are losing your momentum. Also do write down your day to day progress in a notebook or diary. It will help you along the way.

May this post benefit all of you.