Ultimately We Are Here to Please Allah swt



It’s been a long long time since I wrote anything here. So here we go. This is inspired by one of my students who felt sad that I do not check her facebook page to read or LIKE her postings. So I am going to smack this on everyone’s head right now. Seriously!!

Firstly we must understand truly who you need to please especially when you run your business through FB or Blogs and such. Ultimately it is not to please me ( your teacher ) and you do not need my approvals for every single postings. Its like waiting for me to give you a grade every time you post something on FB. If you are doing this, you are still thinking like a “CHILD”. Neither do you need to please your prospects, clients, etc. Because the first thing you have to think about before posting anything is to please Allah swt. Period!

Set this intention daily that every time you post something out there, this will not make Allah swt angry. Why because Allah swt is the ultimate sustainer, the “Ar Razak”. If you can please Allah swt, everything else will follow! Yes. This will automatically attract individuals, your prospects, your clients, etc. You don’t have to worry because Allah swt will do HIS wonders for you.

 Now does this mean I have to post only quotes about Allah swt, Rasulullah saw and spiritual stuff?

Then again if you narrow your mind to such, you are in the losing end. And so I decided to come out with this checklist so that it can be a guide to everyone. Insyallah. You can use this.

1) Before we post, think carefully if this content or comments will please Allah swt and Rasulullah saw.

2) Before we post, will this content or comment hurt someone in the process. It’s very simple. If you can hurt someone, you can disobey Allah swt. Again will Allah swt be please with us.

3) If the post is opinionated and require extensive debate and its telling the truth, we check again if this will please Allah swt and Rasulullah saw.

4) Before we post an image or video, will Allah swt be pleased with me.

This is something which we need to ponder and reflect on day to day and I hope this simple checklist will be of use.

So dear students, you are running your own business and you are one who will determined your own results with Allah swt guidance. So seek HIM first, please HIM first before anyone else. Remember, everything else will follow through when you remember HIM.