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Are you for real? zero to $100 million? While you’re at it, why not stretch it to zero to $100 BILLION?!

Who do you think you are to want to coach people to be multi-millionaires when you don’t even have $100,000?

Ahh recently I’ve received a comment that ask me and question my credibility. So let me help you answer these question and perhaps answer your doubts.

Here’s my email reply to him..

To whoever you are.

Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting my site and give your frank opinion.

Its up to you to believe in people or not. What you focus on expands. If you want to be a millionaire or billionaire, you do need the self believe first. Then take the necessary actions to get there. 

My personal income…

I’m already earning from tens to hundreds of dollars per day. Its just a matter of time that I will reach thousands per day and in time reaching the million mark. The process just needs to be duplicated over and over again and that is the power of the internet.

The zero to 100 million coaching program is using universal concepts for online marketing. As I did mention in the article, eventually its up to your own potential income and by the way the program is free. I’m not charging a single cent for it. So its up to you to decide. Not me. Its not my loss anyway.. 

The real secret

Anthony Robbins did not start as a millionaire to teach what he taught and many Gurus out there are similar. The real secret is to be an inspiration to society and work hard to improving and changing lives

Thank you for reading and listening.


From time to time when you do business, there are such people who would push you down and question over an over. Its not easy to answer such question because many times your EGO comes in your way. 

If the mind is not educated and not knowledgeable enough, a normal person would do a rebuttal and hit on this guy hard. And that is not good, its just like the Israel and Palestinian War right now. Instead of using water to cool a fire, they use fire to cool a fire. Can that work? I think its only to get worse right?

Again this requires experience and sound judgement. I’m fortunate to have mentors that guide me in the business and religious way. 

Let me share with you a story of Zeila Rich who is already a millionaire but yet when they launched their campaigns, they won many fans but yet they lost many fans too. Why? Perhaps they were not ready to answer such demanding questions and eventually they close down the whole program because of too many complaints. Yes it was a losing battle which they did the right thing to close down the whole program.

Anyway by now…

The 30 plus students that I have now in the coaching program have since given very good feedbacks and some even ask me to charge hundreds of dollars for it. 

If i look back I can charge thousands of dollars, because the knowledge shared is not based from a book but by my own Business Experience for the last few years and some of it is priceless. 

I’ve stopped at day 15 recently due to heavy offline commitments such as my RESERVIST, current back log tasks and the workshops. I will be continuing the next phase which touches on social marketing soon and hopefully the students will see some results.

If you come for my workshop you will realise that whatever I teach is actually in that FREE program. Only that the 8 hours I sit down with you, really I would put you in a situation to make you think, work and write and write and market and market. In fact the first step is to build that Business Mind.  

There is a free preview today. Drop by and listen to what I have to say.

Again thank you for listening. Do give me your comments on this.