Seeing 30% profits.. Crazy

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I recalled sitting in the seminar where T-Harv Eker mention that its possible to make 30% to 200% return in investment from trading year in year out. 

The question is do we know how to do it? It seems that the answers are beginning to appear in my face and the fact its real makes me not believe it either. However its really happening, the kind of people are starting to appear in my life one by one.

And you wonder back then, why didn’t this come earlier. I guess God has a way of presenting people to you. 

When you are ready, they will show up in your life. However this could also be a test.

For the last 4 weeks I have been coaching Geoffry on Internet marketing and we are on our way to create Wealth & Investment package soon which will be sold online in a few months time. So he shared with me an Investment system on how he could make at least 30% of the money for his clients. So from his computer he logged into the IFast system  and showed me one of the accounts he was trading for. 

Trading starting in March and ends in April, some of the trades double, while others hit 30%. Some were at 10%. On average, he still made over $5000 over that 3 week period from an initial $10,000 investment.  

For two hours he explained the fundamentals and how it is being done. Also based on his explainations, experience also counts.

For example usually in recession prices of Gold rises up as Gold is being used to kind of stabilize the economy. However in this recession the price of Gold plummets due to the mine companies stopping their operations. Hence affecting the supply and demand of Gold. However he said eventually it will rise again due to some reason ( I can’t remember ), hence its good to follow the price right now and also good to invest in it now.

Ok dont take my word for it. If you go buy now and you lose all your money, please do not blame me ok.

Geoffrey said, ” Yes even if I tell you this and that, its only information to you. You will eventually decide to buy or sell”.

Morale of the story – You need to know what’s going on before you invest. having information alone isn’t enough, you need to know what’s going on. 

So this is how it works he says:

1) The client is required to open an account with him through his Trading company. 

2) As it is license under MAS, they could actually help you trade your CPF. He said that its better to use your own cash because the profits earn for the CPF will go back to CPF and you can only get it when you are 55 or is it 60. 

3) Any Buy or Sell will require your Authorization. 

4) On a daily basis he will email, sms the clients to notify them to buy or sell.  

5) Buying & Selling must be done before 3pm each day.

Well that’s the crux of it. For more details, you can give me a buzz..

Will be back with the Wills articles for the next post.