Smart Seminar 2nd Day – Part 1

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Alright its been quite a hectic three days. I’ve been uploading images, videos and I got myself a 30 day trial to the Traffic Geyser system and its AWESOME!! Yesterday and today alone, I’ve submitted around 5 videos and if you go to YOUTUBE you already see my videos dominating it when you type SMART SEMINAR. The traffic Geyser is really worth the money.

Ok anyway let’s start with day 2.

It started out with Stuart and Simon demonstrating on how to create a simple blog, get a click bank code and stuff. Basic stuff where you can learn from my course too.. 🙂

Simon then revealed a small secret which is not REALLY a secret.. Hmm i tend to use those words so many time huh..”A SECRET WHICH IS NOT REALLY A SECRET” . Being a former employee of Google, Simon knows the ins and outs of the Google system and hence the secret is..

“USE Google Systems”

Why is that? If you want to have a high rank search on Google, use Google’s systems – use GMAIL, post to, post a video to YOUTUBE, get Bookmarks at Google Bookmarks and many more. 

Sounds logical right. For example in real life, if you use my products and help to tell people about it, would I give you more attention. Its the same here. Google favours or are bias towards people who use their tools and they will give their users first priority. Understood?

Its the same as YAHOO or any other SEARCH Mechanisms, if you use their system they are more willing to rank you higher.

How you do that is another STORY, you can either sign up for Simon’s classes or beg me to teach you to use all those tools..haha..ok just joking. For myself I have a few combinations. I use MULTIPLY + BLOGGER + ADD THIS to make my content distribution faster! So even though I’ve hardly use my old blogspot, but I still have distributed content that drives people to Cool right. You want to know how I do that? Well that you have to be part of my FREE E-COACHING course.

I’m also using TRAFFIC GEYSER now. So more YOUTUBE traffic.. WOHOOOOO! It’s worth SGD $140 per month but what the heck, its unlimited traffic man.

Here’s a pic with Simon..

You can visit Simons website at



You must meet this lady. Just by listening to her, now I know why this young entrepreneur DIANA SABRAIN can make so much money at 20 years old for SEXY Marketing techniques. An AWESOME angle.

You want to know what’s the SECRET……

TARGET TO WOMEN and have some NEUTRAL positioning..

Why is that so?

What women buys usually the men will buy too because they are pursuaded by the wives or girlfriends..haha and let’s understand this, WOMEN also moves the ECONOMY! Believe it or not this is actually a true fact. The economy thrives because of spendings. SO the ladies love do this right spend their money, the guys only know how to HOARD their money. Ok wait i have to put a disclaimer here..IT DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE – this only apply GENERALLY to the MASSES

Raise your hands if you love to go shopping. I know only the ladies will do that right? hehe.. Guys bear with me for a while and take down notes.

So you see this speaker is a top Internet Marketeer in this AREA and I believe she’s a consultant to many other Copywriters and Internet Marketeers because she can change the way how you look at things and with these methods your business profit margin can sky rocket up to 600%. I almost fall off my seat when I saw the figures.

Let me share with you an ANOLOGY. If you ask a guy to go to a shopping center to buy a specific product. What a guy would do is that he will go into that shopping center, get the product, make the purchase and out he go and that is only 1 product sale.

BUT a woman is different. And let me tell you this. SHOPPING CENTERs are their haven and did you know how the SHOPPING CENTERs / SUPERMARKETs are design and position are targeted to woman. When a woman goes into the shopping center, she will find the product, but her thoughts will be different, she will end up thinking – “Eh I need that”, then she will grab it and you know what at the end of that she will end up buying 2-3 more things. So you see how the profit margin triples or quadruple?

Heard of this book, men are from MARs and women are from VENUS. Ok honestly I have never read that book but all i know is that men and women are not built the same way. Our Psychological senses are so different that at times we – men can’t understand women and vice versa. 

Wholly cow, I’ve wrote so much I forgot to mention her name. Its Donna Fox from and her own blog, 

So if you really want to learn how to target THE BIG SPENDER economy ask DONNA for advice. Just click the links above to check her out or contact her. She have a few e-books and e-courses that can train you in this area and who knows you can be the NEXT BIG WOMAN CONSULTANT in ASIA. The world is big enough for everyone.

Here’s a video I took with her.

[youtube: 500 350]

Here’s her links again and her own blog, 

In Day 2 Part 2 tomorrow, I will be talking about this Internet Millionaires who turn their business into PASSION and a guy who makes it easy!.