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banner#1 This is what I’m talking about man… Just the other I was experimenting with mass email marketing I had this great idea of creating this magnifient software….

Unfortunately someone beat me to it…That’s how the world is yah. Thinking is just not good enough. Actions must come along with it. Anyway with my own programming knowledge I doubt I can write a software as great as the talents out there. Perhaps I can but it will take me a long time. So let’s do the next best thing.

Use what’s already avaialable… Oh no another internet Marketing tool. So what does it really do? Well let me tell you how Facebook, Friendster, Multiply and the many other more social networking sites are all using a similar tool which helps to create tons of referrals without them doing any advertising. 

Wow no adervertising. Yes. To be honest the best of ways to get people to come to your site is to create a buzz and then ASK for Referrals. Remember my article a few days ago about Buzzing…. Well once you have the buzzes and you know how to touch people emotionally, the NEXT STEP is to get these happy people to refer you a friend…

So how do we do this? Well if you happen to join the social networks like facebook, do you realise that they will always ask you to refer your friends when you join them or after you added a new application. Imagine if that technique spreads from you then to another friend. Then from a friend to another friend and the list goes on. By the end of that week, thousands of people would know about your product, your event, campaign or anything…Yes that is why Facebook is soaring right now and MySpace is even growing bigger and bigger by the day.

I dont have the money!!

Ahh now I’m wishing to have the product because I want to use it for my own campaigns. Its currently selling at USD $147… Ahh wait before you click the banner and read the stuff. Trust me you will definitely want to have a plan here. Rule of thumb. Never use your own money to buy anything….then how?

Sell it first then buy it. Why because I don’t have USD $147 now. Even if I do, I wont use my own money. Learn the OPM rule. There’s a 50% commission to it you see. What if I can find two or more people to buy it…. So I need to find two buyers whom have the capital and who needs this, then with that commissions I’ll buy it. 🙂

So now good luck to me.

The software requires a PHP server and MYSQL database to install. So if you are buying the software and having difficulty installing it. Contact me -> via my contact page above.  If you don’t have a server let me know I’ll trade your purchase for some space on my server worth $80 per year. Good deal right?