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Our Bro Hafihz will be giving out a free talk tomorrow @ NOWASIA training room. Also an accomplish author of “10 Secret of Power Presentations”, he wrote the book while still in school and he was recently featured in BH for his accomplishments.

Bro Hafihz has been a good friend of mine since NUS days and he is among the rare few Malay Muslim accepted to NUS School of Business. Majoring in Marketing, he is one who can tell you the intriguing theories between marketing concepts and what may work for your business and not cos he has done much research to prove it.

Tomorrow he will be talking about Communications. He will be explaining to you the importance of good communication skills and people skills. How you can apply this to your life, to your work, your family and so on.

So free up your schedule and catch our Bro in action. Call 6220 0701 to book a seat..Limited to 25 places only.

You can visit his blog @