Advertisement today!!


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This is my first advertisment with my own money. Previously we got help from Kelab Ekoniaga to write us the articles for the Blog Course. So yeah from now onwards its up to us to advertise my own courses and this needs to be done probably two weeks once.

So maybe you ask, how come I didn’t engage Ekoniaga again. They can only feature new content only and they cannot be biased towards certain organizations. So in this case this course is considered not new anymore. Even though its a few weeks old, Its not a new story anymore thus it will not qualify for a new article.

So yeah two articles from them was already a good boost and I manage to set aside some money for this advertising and have a few hundred more for the next which will be in two weeks time, insyallah.

A business rule to consider. Always set 15% – 20% of your operation cost to advertising. Here’s some tips by Sujimy Mohd from the first Bicara Bisnis I attended.

Even though word of mouth is still the best form of advertising but paid advertising can have certain effects such as authority in the market place and so on. We can discuss this in our Jutawan Internet Forum..

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