Blogger Batch 3


Another blogging class completed. For this batch we have 5 students. Just like the previous blogging classes they sure have benefited in one way or another.

It seems less rushing to do this workshop when its split between two days. It used to be quite rushing and  we had much spare time to discuss more things. There were plenty of breaks in between too.

If you check out their blogs you will notice that there is actually more content cos I got them to practice and write more stuff. Feel free to drop comments in their blogs and give them a Hi 5.

Being a small class also gives me the opportunity to find more about them..Check out their blogs..

Adisti –

Well Adisti is actually my ex Vice President of PBM back in 2005-2006. Quite an outstanding lady with a great career ahead. She’s a Social Worker / Counseller in Prison. Her main role is basicly to bring back these people to right path. Insyallah she can do her job well. Besides that she also have a business which involves organising Soccer or Sports Competitions.  One busy lady huh…

Norhaini –

By profession Mdm Norhaini is a Senior Staff Nurse at Raffles Hospital for the last two years. She has quite a vast experience working overseas especially in the Middle East. She would love to start a jewellery business someday therefore she would love to learn to get lessons to pursue her passion.

Zarina –

Well Mdm Zarina is currently working at Pergas. She has deep inteterest in Wealth Planning and she’s doing that part time too. Having to learn how to blog, she can also now start a blog for her Alumni Network.

Zainon –

Mdm Zainon is a full time housewife and have last used the computer 8 years ago. So todays blogging class prove to revive her interest in learning and hopefully insyallah she will have new ideas on using this blog to promote her business.

Nur Atiqah –

Ok she does accounts and she’s Mdm Zainon’s niece. Quite a passionate coffee drinker. Its seems that she aspiring to be Coffee Entrepreneur? Is it?

Ok guys do check out their blogs and hope to see more students for the next class. The next course will be at Kampong Chai Chee on the 12th & 13th July. Click here to register.

July will be a problematic month cos of the Manning Period ( Reservist ). Its hard to say when I can set dates for the blogging workshops because I can be called back anytime.

I look darker in todays pic heh. Probably its because of travelling in the hot weather the last few days.