Elevator Speech


Fuuh this is a very good tutorial by Pro Blogger. It is also the first day of 31 day blogging challenge..

Read this about the Elevator Speech @ Problogger.net.
=> Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog [Day 1 -31DBBB] 

I’ve implemented some of the tips in there and I’m seeing quite a significant traffic and perhaps I should start updating my free ebook too.

Example is the Email Signature.

Instead of just leaving a link such as 

Fadzuli Wahab
Phone NO:
Blog: www.fadzuli.com

I changed it to..

Phone No:

Find out more about my entrepreneurship journey here
=> http://www.fadzuli.com

Basicly the elevator speech are just one liners or a paragraph that GIVES A REASON TO CHECK OUT YOUR WEBSITE

Just by doing these very simple tasks, I can see at least a 50 percent increase in traffic today. 

Really great stuff by Problogger. Can’t wait for the second day.

Stuff that I did.

1) Improve Email Signature & Auto Response
2) Added links to my About us page.

I realised that my About Us page is like a sales page. Hence the opportunity to market stuff there.

Why didn’t I do that earlier?… Perhaps that is why Darren Rowse is the ProBlogger huh.. Still got a lot to learn from the Pros.