I won complimentary tickets worth $499..

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Woo hoo… If you happen to follow my twitter ( Right Side bar => ), you would have hear me announced this yesterday. I was totally surprised yesterday and am really grateful to God to what is happening to me now.

How did I win? I’m subscribe to Stuart’s Tan mailing list and Adam Khoo’s mailing list. So they would always send these emails promoting their seminars and VALUE products.

One of Stuart’s email asked us to fill up a survey. So I did that. I didn’t have any doubts to do it because Stuart is already famous, furthermore he is bringing in Simon Leung. Isn’t it great when you are already “there”. Ahh if I’m not mistaken Simon Leung is the former Google Staff. I think I saw his video with Joel Comm few months ago. He created the Google Adwords system thus he knows the ins and outs of it. Furthermore the Smart Seminar will bring in more speakers from the States.

Video of Simon with Joel Comm => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm83dxHWfz0


The price for this Seminar?

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