Putting Advertisements


Recently in ProBlogger.net, Darren Rowse asked his readers if it is alright to put advertisements on their site when they start their blog. It depends and you also need to ask what is this blog for? Is it for commercializations – meaning to generate income or just personal blog that does not generate income at all.

Personally this is what I think. I started blogging since 2004 and have never monetize my site before July last year. So well very few people were reading my blog at that time but I’ve learned that you can actually develop income through it. So why not right put some Adverts and earn money from it. Its your blog anyway and its your choice.

So when you begin your blog. Should you put Ads? My answer is yes. You need to tell your audience from the start that your blog have advertising spaces. Even if traffic is low. The intentions are clear and people will not misinterpret you later. Then you must tell them why you are doing it. The Ads may not necessarily be for profit. It can just be a banner telling your friends that you are organizing an event or helping a friend to promote his products.

Some people will just say “Alah di ni nak buat duit dari aku!!”. If you are those type of people I prefer that you stay away from my site…”Seriously”..Just like adverts on TV its just meant to promote the products that’s all, its not forcing you to buy or take up the service. So if you do not want to click the Ads my advise is “Don’t click”.

So yeah in conclusion “Put your Ads and start Monetizing your Site!!”. If you are on platforms that do now allow this make a MOVE!!