Cadar Ixora In the News

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We have no one to turn to but Allah. Let’s thank Allah swt for this great news and grant us more success and prosperity and at the same time, make us people of good character and humility.

It is awesome to see ourselves in the News but it is more awesome when your students gets in the News and been featured for what they achieved with the methods that you have shared. Alhamdulillah.

Above Sis Suhaini attended the Facebook Action Series batch 2 and has since taken the steps learned to improve the way she promotes her products on the social network. Alhamdulillah to see this great report featured in the National News. May you prosper further Sis Suhaini.

This report can be found at cyberita. >> Click link below.

Let’s also thank friends from Ekoniaga, Berita Harian especially Sis Attiyah Mohd Saad for the great write up.