Cold Hard Truths – Before you revamp your site.

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It’s been a long time since I wrote a genuine post here. I think in 2013, i should spend at least once a week posting stuff here instead of just on my Facebook Page. Time to make this site alive and kicking again.

Here we go.

Yesterday I had a short session with Muchtar from APKIM resources. He asked me about revamping their website..

After checking their website, I don’t see much problems with design and architecture and also their SEO. Then I asked him a simple question. Do they have a Analytics installed?

Their answer was NO?

My advise to him was not to waste their money. A desperate web developer will tell you to spend money on building a new site. But I am going to tell you some serious truth. They are just going to do the same thing all over again and you will end up wasting money and time if you are just going to keep doing the same thing.

If you business and website have been over than 2-3 years. Install analytics first if you haven’t and its FREE. If you have no idea how to install, probably just pay someone $50 or less than $200 ( if your site is super complex) just to install it.


Go to

Because the Analytics stats will tell you where the strengths and weakness of your website. If you have that, you will know where people are landing on your site and you can further optimize those pages to convert your customer.

So install analytics first and watch the behaviour of visitors to your site for at least 3-6 months. When you have that come back to your web developer and if you have no idea how to read the stats, tell them to share with you.

Remember its not just about a fancy new site with flashing pages and social media functions. It’s also about Optimizing and getting the best results.

Contact me for consultation and don’t worry about payment cos it is FREE. This used to be open for my students only. Now it is open to everyone.

PS: Begin 2013 with a new fresh start!

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