Getting Optimal Traffic for Your Web

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Allow me to set some definitions in case you get lost in this article.

Optimal Traffic. Also commonly referred to as “Qualified Traffic“.  In simple layman terms is getting the BEST Type of Visitors to visit your website.

TRAFFIC ~ Flow of visitors to your website

For example. 

If you are in the Weight Loss Business – The type of People who you would wish to visit your website would be people who falls in the following categories.

1) They are overweight and they are desperately looking for ways to lose weight.
2) For a woman who just gave birth and wish to get back in shape in no time.
3) For man/women that have been told by the doctors to lose weight or else.

Another example. 

If you are in the Swimming Business.

1) You would want to see parents who are keen on sending their kids for swimming classes.
2) You would want to see teachers who are interested to send their students for swimming classes.
3) And perhaps a few more.

As you can see optimal traffic is really about getting the right kind of people to view your offers. Hence how and where you promote does matter! When this happens there is a higher chance of conversion.

One of the few ways to get optimal traffic is to BUY TRAFFIC.

Google’s Adwords services is among those that you can use to get such a traffic because Google made it very clear that their business is about connecting people to their needs/wants.

Example. So try searching for “Swimming Classes” in Google. You would see the image below.

If you are in Singapore and you search for those terms, you are likely to see the images above.

Firstly visitors who are searching for “Swimming Classes” are already categorized as “interested” candidates otherwise why would they search for those keywords or terms. Of course we have other reasons like doing research and so on. However a huge number that actually searches for such keywords or terms are in fact searching for such classes. And they will be likely to Pay for the classes.


In conclusion, the “MORE INTERESTED” visitors are actually the Optimal Traffic that you would wished to achieved.

Above example I shared is just one of hundreds of tactics and strategies that people use to get Optimal traffic. If you wish to learn more, I would like to invite you to the upcoming Basic Internet Business Workshop.

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