Getting the right formulas going!!

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In any trade, we need to find the right formula to get things going fast. In the last few days, Alhamdullilah i’m receiving orders for the Solat 3d like no business seh and the products are not out yet. Its just Pre Orders. Even though the profit margins for this product is relatively small but the outcome is really wonderful.

Compared to Abang Abu’s MAP2BRICH and my SOAP SALES, the sales of the Solat 3D is really amazing. I guess the media does help to push it in the earlier days and now I’ve beginning to see the results of the Smart Seminar that I went to back in November.

The rule was simple.
1) Find something that people really want. So I guess the Solat 3d is what people really wants.
2) Develop a marketing strategy for at least 2 months long
3) Focus.

However from experience every single product will go through a life cycle however hot it is. It will eventually dwindle down. So I’m already thinking and looking at ways to automise it. Perhaps from 20 per week to 1 per week in the future.

Bundling. Perhaps. 🙂

Thank you for your support everyone.