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Its been a while since someone actually asked me questions to Internet Business. Seems like I have been out of the radar lately.

Anyways here’s a question from Bro Hadi, which I would like to share with you. Perhaps the other Internet Experts can chip in too.

Question: My domain registrar prompted me that a company is attempting to buy other domains such as .asia, .org and etc. Hence the domain registrar is asking me to buy the domains before its being bought by that company who might not used it and squat on it. What should I do?


This depends on how you value the intellectual property. Say for example if you own Facebook. Because its a super giant, that is why you have to buy all the other kind of domains, such as,, etc.


1) To prevent others from acquiring it so just to sell to you for a nifty profit.

Yeah. If your sites becomes popular, people can actually blackmail you if you truly dont understand the game.

2) To prevent others from tarnishing your reputation.

What do I mean by that. Example – if you own Then suddenly someone buy Then they dump pornography images there.

Hence when people search for your site, they will also find those sites like above. Hence this can affect your reputation one way or another.

3) To acquire a stake in Search Engine Optimisations. ( Well partially true, but domains has its factor in Search rankings )

4) and perhaps more..

So this advisable if your company is huge. And you can have lawyers to fight for the rights of those names. We’ve seen or read legal battles on it. I won’t go into the detail.

The issues above can be a problem. And if you do face such issues, it means that your business is doing very well. And as you know, when you start to do well people will try to compete with you for a pie of it.

For start ups. this attempt may not be necessary.

However if you are small and you don’t have the capacity and funds to manage all the domains, you dont have to play these games.¬†For your info there are hundreds of extensions. The popular ones are of course the Dot Com, Dot Net, Dot Org, Dot Edu and so on.

So what does the smaller guys like us do. Its better to focus on your clients. Seriously. Even if someone buys .net while you own the .com and start competing with you, by then you should and must already won your clients’ minds and hearts.

Keep in mind the reasons why clients come to you, why clients come back to you after the first sale and they come to you again and again. At the end of the day, its all about consistency and value adding to the customers.

So what’s the answer?

It depends… If you choose the first one, then go ahead and buy all the domains to protect yourself. If you choose the second, make sure you start winning your clients minds and heart, so that they would recognise your site and if they stumble upon others, they would know that this is not your site.

Hope this answer helps..

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