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With Facebook inventing the LIKE button, it has since revolutionize the way we communicate with our audience and readers. I would say that most Bloggers, Writers & Facebookers would love to see more than just LIKEs on their site and they would want to see more comments – be it criticizing or praising it so that they know where they stand.

There was even a conversation on Facebook of creating the UNLIKE button  just like Youtube did but somehow I don’t see it till today. But this doesn’t really solve the problem why people don’t Comment.

And so I’ve narrowed to a few simple conclusions why people don’t Comment on your Posts or lesser of them actually Comment than press the LIKE button.

They are:
1) The reader likes the post but have no idea/desire to reply.
2) The post does not trigger a Conversation
3) It takes a whole bunch of action and commitment to type something out.
4) Fear of writing something that may hurt feelings
5) You weren’t asked to give a comment? Yes sometimes people just need to be asked.

the list goes on though. Share your thoughts at the comment box below.

If you are into Online Marketing via Facebook or Blog, you know that commenting have an effect on how your business can spread out and be heard in the space.

Perhaps we will share this in the next post.

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