Our First Fire Sale



This took a while for me to sit down and thought it out but this was amazing to see.

Perhaps you are wondering what a “FIRE SALE”  is ?

If you happen to google for the term, Wikipedia would say “A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcyor other impending distress.”

however they are others that term it as “Having many sales within a short time”. 

Fortunately I was able to witness such phenomenon recently. Within 4 hours 900 tickets worth $10 each was sold out for this event “Youth aLIVE Discourse; ‘Seeking Solace By Yasmin Mogahed”


More importantly we want to learn from this experience.

How did this happen? Can we repeat this again in the future? 

There were many factors to this success. Let’s break it down one by one.

1) The Speaker

We know that the speaker Yasmin Mogahed is a very popular public speaker in the Muslim online community. With a global following of more 70,000 followers and with thousands of followers here in Singapore, it made it easier to sell the tickets.

2) The Hype

I was in a meeting with the organisers the day before we open the registration. We talked about planning, the finances, etc. When it comes to marketing, i asked them what was in planned. All they mentioned that they had a FB event page, that invited 1000 people a week or two before I met them. So they wanted my company Islamicevents.sg to handle the ticketing. They have actually created the hype. To be honest I was also not aware of that event page until I met the organisers. Apparently they have already created the noises and people were just waiting for the tickets to go on sale.

3)  Price

Ticket price does play a crucial role. If the tickets were sold at $100 per piece, is this Fire Sale possible? Perhaps it could.

 4) Online Payments Systems

This is probably not possible without online payment system. I could not imagine if we don’t have the facilities to support this. Imagine having just telephone operators at the end of the line. Phones will be ringing like crazy and how many lines do we need to support this operation. Even with online payment, the availability of reliable servers and systems is required and honestly I was suprised that our system did not crashed. Alhamdulillah.



Compared to many gigantic events like Taylor Swift concerts which is well known to be sold out in 5-10 minutes. This is quite an achievement for an Islamic Event.

Hope you can learn a thing or two here.