Calling all Graduates (recent and non recent)

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Well its that time of the year again. Mendaki Club ( the Professional Wing of Mendaki ) is having their annual Graduate’s Tea session with all the new and old graduates. If you are a graduate from POLY or UNIVERSITY for the last 10 years, you are invited too.

If you are in your final year of school, you can also come because with the information and sharings, this is where you can start to plan.

Admission is FREE.

You may ask what is the benefit of going for such key events?

Networking! Whether you are businessman or not, networking is a key component of having a successful career or a successful business. As the saying goes, “Its who you knows that matter, not just what you know”. 

Prepare your resumes, your namecards, your whatever publicity materials and prepare to walk in there to get to know as many people as possible.

Job Opportunities

There will be Bosses, Entrepreneurs around. So if you are looking to get a job, make sure you get to know these people. Even if they cannot give you a job, they may know of friends who are in need of your talent.

Talent Spotting

For Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Managers – where else can you get to see the MALAY MUSLIM talent all gathered in one place. This is the best place to meet them and pick them out to be part of your growing company.

Break Out Session

Beside all that, there will be break out session for the different categories of people. It depends on what you are interested in. If you are looking for corporate position  – there is a specific talk for that. If you are keen on starting your business, get to meet people like me and other entrepreneurs who can give you advice. Also for those that wish to embark on further studies, let the seniors share their experiences with you. 

For the new graduates

The intent for the new graduates is quite clear. This session is meant to help you steer to the direction which you wish to embark on. Its not so easy when you are just fresh from school and placing yourself in this harsh harsh working world. What you see in school, may not be the realities of the outside world. 

For a start this would be a place to get advise or at least to know the people who can give you advice. Its better than being out there alone and not knowing where to seek for help.

With the right information, some of you may get the opportunities fast enough, while others who don’t may end up 1-2 years down the road. Its up to you to decide.

Every day is an opportunity. Meeting people is an opportunity. So its up to you how you can use this opportunity for your own good. Insyallah you will make the right decision.

So find out more about this event here.

Graduates’ Tea 2009

11 July 2009, 1.30pm to 5.30pm
Venue: Furama River Front SingaporeDetails»
Organiser: Mendaki Club