Events, Events, Events. Why are they so important.

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I wouldn’t know my Mentors if I didn’t attend events. One event will lead to another event and leads to another and soon opportunities will open up.

I still remember that time in NUS, in my second or third year, just about that time I dropped out from there, I saw this Advertisement by either NUSMS or PBMUKS ( 2 Malay Muslim Organisation  ) in NUS featuring a talk by Sujimy Mohd.

It was a short talk but it led me to know this person better.

In 2007 March, back then I was volunteering with Mendaki. They invited Abang Abu to give a talk on Entrepreneurship. I attended and met this Mamak who talked about the ABCs but at that point I needed to leave early.

Only in June, when I attended SMU Entrepreneurship Workshop that Abang Abu and I clicked in that event. Then Abang Abu led me to Dr Irfan Khairi. Then led me Sujimy again and many more Mentors.

Why Events? As you can see, it is in events that we can really meet this Mentors. In fact even if I were to spend $1,000 in events, the returns are so much more.

Now its not just attending an event, its about what you do in there. Your networking skills and you must also be daring enough to walk up to this mentors. Yes they don’t go to you, you must go to them.

As you may know I am running this workshop soon. So check it out.


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