Investment Man


He called me up and said that he wanted to learn how to market his ideas and systems online. So I went to meet him and ask him how I could help him.

He used to be very rich once and has been down almost to the point of losing everything before too and had to go around teaching relief classes in schools to meet ends meet. But due to his diligence and always wanting to learn, today he turns invesments profitable within 3 weeks.

So as he was a sharing with me what he does, he shared how this investment strategy works.

He used the Tiger Woods anology. But I am going to explain to you in terms of Manchester United because its the same.

Would you bet on Manchester United to win each game they play? For those betters I bet you would because you know from statistics  out of 10 matches Man U play, they will win 9 games. Hence such teams are VERY consistent in winning.

Same goes as trading. He knows what investments that are consistently making however bad the economy is. Yes he may lose at times but he knows that they will win more than lose. So he explained further why the risk is totally zero.

So that’s the gist of it. I have no idea of other stuff. It’s seems that I have a lot to learn from this person too.  

However he’s hiring me to teach him to set up his site and maybe a blog. So that he can share the strategies weekly only for his members. Perhaps he can even start his own seminars.

He does trade for others too. But you need a minimum of $50K to start where ever you are in the world.