What if your child is creating something worth millions

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Forgive me for writing this post as I had promise to write about something else. Have these thoughts come across you that when your children might be creating something worth millions or billions? Are you telling your kids to stop doing what they are doing without realising that you are blocking their creative side.

This video in the Big Idea may inspire you to listen to your kids.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEgh1SXHgr0;autoplay=0 400 350]

I blog about this a few years back. When I was kid I had always wanted to invent things and honestly my mom never really knew what I was doing in the room with all the glue, scissors and papers. I was in Kindergarten 1 or 2. The last I remember I tried creating a fan but it did not turn out well but at that age I had the ability to think such as I could create things out of nothing.

Even though I did not practise those skills in the next decade or so due to school and the interests in soccer but I thank God for returning me to the creative side of things again. Alhamdullilah!!