When you are the BOSS who scolds you?

FadzuliCraze, Interviews

So when you have finally taken the step to start your business and being your own boss. Now you don’t have any naggy bosses to tell you off or scold you anymore if you ever did a mistake.

So who scolds you? Well the answer is quite simple…YOUR CUSTOMERS…

Maybe perhaps you are growing to fast and you happen to mishandled quite a few things. You miss out the minor minor things that customers are fussy about.

So yeah don’t ever think that when you are the BOSS you don’t get scolded. You do and most of the time its very indirect. Well what can you say customers/clients do expect the best from you and there are times even when you have done your best its still not good enough. Just like those days when teachers expect better and better from you. Ooh well.

This post is not meant to dishearten anyone out there. There’s some reality to it. So as Bosses or Entrepreneurs its actually a challenge to overcome such anger and if you are able to keep a calm and steady head during this period of torment, that would be great. Alhamdullilah..you probably have the right set of mindset and humility to start off.

I have had a fair share of scolding and negative remarks. So let’s share if you have any..