12km Run @ East Coast


Today I manage to complete 12km @ East Coast in 1 hour 12 min (Speed: 166 meters/min )….Haha I know its not the usual half-marathon standards. Nevertheless its the improvements that matter..The previous week I took 1 hour and 5 minutes just to clear 8.4km at Bedok Reservoir (Speed: 129 meters/min ). So you see so much difference and i’m breathing much better when I run just now. The lungs are getting used to the runnings..Yay!!

Actually East Coast runs are much easier cos of the flatter terrains and the ground is even compared to Bedok Reservoir. So I guess the earlier training ground was also a great place to start cos running now is much easier.

Next week should be another 12 km or 16 km runs before we hit MacRitchie Reservoir. Hope to run faster and hit the one hour mark for the 12km run.