Gym Kita Training Day 2


Oh boy this is definitely going to take a while to recover. Woke up this Monday morning with arms cram as the lactic acids starts to work on the very long unworkable muscles.

Yesterday at GYM KITA with Ruzaini and Geng, we did upper body exercise for that two hours of physical activities. Mainly areas like the shoulders, biceps and triceps using different exercise methods.

So here’s how GYM Kita started yesterday..

Watch the video below where our trainer, Ruzaini does his Prep Talks..

The first of exercise – Should Press using the Bands

What u see seems easy at first, but try doing 4 sets of 25, 50,100 and 50.. By the time u reach the 100 set mark, you can feel the pain starting to come to you and you can only move inches away each time u lift your hand. By the way each band is of different tightness – similar to weight, there’s different weights for different level, here the tightness of the bands make the exercise more challenging.

Then we did bicep and tricep with the same sequence.

Above Azman working it out with the tricep exercise.

So after all the siong workouts, we had some fun by racing the three legged run shown above.

To end of the day, we went down to the Principals Home to learn a little about Nutrition.. Eh ada principal eh? Yes there is actually a structure in the GYM KITA group. The principal being the most experience trainee there.

I learned a few things here, the three important aspects of a healthy lifestyle..

1. The Mindset

2. Nutrition

3. Exercise

It comes in order where exercise is last in order because without the first two you either cannot do it because of mental blocks and without having proprer nutrition, you wont grow or lose right.

That’s it for that day.. Want to join us in the next GYM KITA? Its every Sunday, 8.30am at Bedok Reservoir Park.

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