Running with MPs and I failed


Well its quite hard when you haven’t train for ages for such a strenuous activity. IPPT is yearly thing to me but it requires you to be in good shape to perform. The scores shown above is really a wake up call to get in shape again.

My worst station was sit up. I had no idea why it seems that its getting harder to do it. I need to more workouts for the back and find ways to strengthen it. It’s getting worse…It used to be like 35 the last time i took and now its only 28.

Well for this occasion I volunteer to go for this IPPT even though I knew I was not ready. As my window just opens, I guess its good time to know where my fitness level is and how much more do I need to improve on.

Running with MPs.

Recently in Parliament there were several MPs who brought out this issue of their residents complaining of taking Remedial Trainings and wasting their precious time.  So  these  group of MPs decided to take a challenge and  attempt to  take the IPPT. There were quite SIOW on ah….

So how did I get into the picture?
Well my reservist Batallion was  given the opportunity to volunteer to run with them and well you know you can’t be running the 2.4 km run with  5 guys right. Where’s the fun right? Well there were about 10 volunteer and I can say its been a great time. I dont meet these guys that often so such occasions do allow us to catch up with each other.

The group of people around are not just anybody, they form scholars and higher management people. So you see its a good place to network. 🙂

So what am I gonna do to start Training?

The Army Half Marathon training has recently started. So now I’m back to running 5km to 10km on every Saturday. So that will help in improving the runnning.

I’m looking for ways to strengthen the back? Anybody have good routines out there..