Basic Internet Business Workshop – Can One Seminar Changed Your Life?

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In 2006, like many I was a hopeless person trying to find my way in this business world. Back then I just left University to pursue this world we called “Business”. It was a strange place to be for a newbie. I didn’t know where to go and didn’t know what to do. Still I took up the challenge to embark this journey to be an Entrepreneur.

You don’t need to know everything. You just need a heart to start it and a strong will to continue this bumpy ride.

The first business that I took on was to sell this special Clay Soap made in Malaysia. It was made to serve a very niche market. With only $20 in my pocket, I embarked on it by purchasing a few pieces and then manage to borrow from my dad to buy a whole carton of the Clay Soap. Surprising the product caught on with the relatives with the help of my Mum. She’s this telemarketeer who would called up every single Aunt to let them know of this new product.

In a few months I took the product to the stores, built a website with just $150 for the domain and web hosting. And from there that $20 turn to hundreds per month offline. The product was selling very well offline, however the website I built did not garner much attention. The only way I know how to market back then was to email to a group of my friends and contacts in NUS.

To expand the business I need to know more people, so I signed up for an entrepreneurship workshop at SMU which led to my Mentor known as Abang Abu. He then introduced me to a Malaysian Internet Millionaire – Dr Irfan Khairi which opened the way for me to learn more about Online Marketing.

The lessons covered in the workshop by Dr Irfan Khairi was very simple to create wealth online. You just need a Page with all the information about your product or Service. Drive Traffic via the various ways & Monitor them. Sales will eventually be made and from there you have to implement after sales tactics to gain more business.

After that workshop, I implemented what was taught and there you go my online sales increased by 50% in 2 months. A simple strategy yet it works like magic! Till today I am receiving calls and orders for this product.

As you can see I am not a genius who figured out everything. I had to attend seminars and workshops to learn the Right Way of Marketing Offline & Online. I needed the right Guidance.

Similarly my mentor Dr Irfan also said the same thing. He was lost when he started his online business back then in University. In his first year, he managed to get only 2 clients. Only after he attended a seminar to learn the right way of Promoting, Choosing the Right Products, Setting up Systems then he started to have more customers.

Is your story similar to ours? 

Every successful person I know have some form of event that brings them to where they are now. Perhaps this seminar can change your life too.

Get more details about this workshop here.