Brand Mastery Expo

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While I was busy promoting other stuffs, one of the programs that I’ve been promoting has extremely good sign ups.

The last I checked for this event, they had 300 plus left, but now only 85 seats remaining.


Time don’t wait for nobody and Opportunities comes to the person who first cease it.


What am I talking about eh?

A month ago I was approached to promote this program but hardly had time due to the other many events. So am here now just creating some awareness for the Brand Mastery Expo coming up by friends from the Chinese Community.  I didn’t know it was so “LAKU” (  Selling like Hotcakes in Malay)


In terms of Business, the Malay Community is still very far away from having proper Systems and Developments and eventually having Super Great Results. There is a lot we can learn from the Non Malay/Muslim Community.

I’ve been mixing with a lot of these Non Muslims friends of late because of my office at Hackerspace and they are what they are because they have taken steps to want to improve themselves and takes massive action to achieve what they want. I believe there is something that we can look into and learn from.

Consider attending this event. The event organisers have actually promised that this is not a PITCH Fest where you end up listening to sales pitches. Yes there will be one or two trainers promoting their stuff but most of the speakers have their own businesses and they don’t need to sell you their stuff on stage. They are there to share with you their real life experiences and steps on how they get where they are.

Sharing is caring.  For you to consider if you are looking for ideas and avenues to learn new skills and knowledge.


85 seats left out of the 500 seats catered. Click banner above to know more..