An Indonesian Millionaire said this….


Last week my business partner, Zag Fahmoa went over to Surabaya to perform the Qurban on behalf of Madrasah Aljunied. While he was there, he manage to network with Kiayis ( religious teachers ) and a few Indonesian Millionaires. So he shared this story with me last Monday.

I could have written this earlier but I was too sick to do anything else but sleep. So feeling better now I am blogging again.

The story…

One of the Indonesian Millionaire shared with him about how his daughter is top 5 in her class and he is worried about it. Why? He was more worried that his child will be a Karyawan ( Professional ) rather to be an Entrepreneur when she grows up.

He was telling my partner that if your child would grow up having good grades and so on, he/she might not want to have their own business. They would prefer to work for others than go out there on their own. It would be ideal to have satisfactory grades rather good grades.

Because if you were just performing satisfactorily, no employer would want you so in countries like Indonesia, you are forced to start something on your own to make a living.

Now how IRONIC is this? Here in Singapore parents are scared to death about the performance of our children. There this millionaire just want a satisfactory grade for his child.

So is it true that people with good grades will tend to work for others, while those who did not perform that well, will be the better entrepreneur type of people?

Share your thoughts……